Climate Game 2.0

Climate Game 2.0 is a multiplayer internet game requiring communication between players. The participants receive a virgin, wooded island, where they can lead diverse activity – ranging from collecting forest produce to running a museum. They willingly set out to conquer the island and multiply their personal wealth. However, every action brings about specific effects: personal and social; economic and environmental.

The residents get richer but the island is more and more frequently afflicted by hurricanes and some land is irreversibly  flooded by water. After a few first rounds it turns out that the participants will have to jointly ensure further existence of the island. Will they reach a compromise? Will everybody obey prior arrangements? Or will someone take advantage of the situation to get rich quickly regardless of the future of the island and neighbours?

The game is simple and intuitive – it does not require advanced computer skills. Although it is an internet game, it remains a social experience – it requires negotiations and cooperation, and encourages some players even to philanthropy. One game is enough to feel responsibility for common good.